Liquid nights


Some places are sweeter to

drink in

than others

Mont Martre

Paris, Lapa, Rio

always with no roof

so the stars can freely

dust you dreamy

while spirits melt the city

and turn you liquid too

to sway into the night

to transmute energies

of the Wonder who

rips apart


and other

receptive souls

High tech Hobits and Micro Cosmodelic Sustainability in Curitiba


I wake up in Giovanna’s and Fabio’s little hobit house. High tech hobit, because it has a flat screen TV glued to the wall. I wake up alone, I wake up happy. Outside is breathing peace, a little porch which a passion fruit bush is slowly absorbing into her stomach. Sun and a mild breeze.

Me and Gi are friends since 9 years ago when she came to my home town and told me that I should come and find my tribe in Brazil, where everything which was weird about me would be normal, and the jeans would fit my bum. (xD.) The rest is history.

Curitiba is a calm cool town in contrast with Rio, Salvador, Recife or São Paulo. I’ve landed in Gi’s micro cosmos of sustainable forrestry, organic foods, vegetarian restaurants, funky hair cuts, piercings and compost. I settle in with the people and the place as if I had in fact lived here my whole life, this feels so easy, I talk about spirituality with everybody, without getting a single blank stare. Everyday is a new delicious and spirited conversation about feminism, buddhism and indigenous mysticism. I cannot get enough of people. On more than one occasion there are several alcohol free parties to chose from (so psyched!!), in compensation the air is heavily perfumed with burning weed.

Gi and Cami(kaze) support their income with a home grown tobaco business, freeing smokers of the hands of the multinationals while providing the people with nicotine and sweet smelling flowers. (check it out here: . I join in the production and feel like a clandestine migrant worker as we crack silly jokes through the evenings. Totally high from the fumes of happiness, I feel stronger and more at ease than I have for long: this is h.o.m.e…. as well!

I’m invited along to pass carnaval at Psycodalia – a festival guaranteed to relieve your mind from any heavy residues, LSD, theater and the best of the genious musicians (such as living God Tom Zé) readily available… I am drawn like a bird to the horizon, but chose the violent magic of Carnivorous Carnival Rio, and dream of fires, deaths, kidnappings and slaughtered cows bleeding on the pavement… Have a feeling this is going to be intense.


IMG_2317 olho